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May 6, 2020  

We discuss the New Consoles, Harry Potter Leaks, Bioshock Infinite Leaks, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back leaks, Game of Thrones Season 8 leaks, The Lion King Leaks, Gladiator Leaks...and ZERO The Last of Us 2 Leaks!

But we do have impressions them. We also had a HUGE 1h+ Final Fantasy VII discussion at the end. Enjoy the show!

Run Time: 3:17:43
Panel: Dourin, No0b0rAmA, Thurbleton & selfconfessedcynic
Main Theme: "Epilogue - The Transient Silence" by Toshiaki Ohtsubo and Alph-Lyla
Break Theme:  "Ending Theme" by Shoji Meguro


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