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June 7, 2018  

It's the week before E3 and we're here to talk about leaks/early announcements! Oh, and a hell of a lot of games, anime, tv shows, real-life stuff and books.  To cap that all off we have a (tiny) God of War spoiler-session at the end of the show. See you next week!

Run Time: 3:01:36
Panel: Shinboy630, Dourin & selfconfessedcynic
Main Theme: "Epilogue - The Transient Silence" by Toshiaki Ohtsubo and Alph-Lyla


  • Watch out on Youtube for the Easy Allies E3 Betting Special!
  • Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest is coming out later this year!
  • Terrace House is a touching Japanese reality TV show that Shinboy highly recommends.
  • Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a great book for anyone thinking about getting into strength training.
  • The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jimison is apparently a fantastic read.
  • If you like super-hero stuff, read Super Powereds by Drew Hayes
  • If you like the idea of a wackier Brooklyn 99, check out The Authorities by Scott Meyer

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