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January 22, 2014  

After about a month of non-GW2 related discussion, the Living Story has picked back up, and so has The Lincolncast! Shin, Thurb, and Squiddel sit down to discuss the newest update, as well as the world events that come with it. Squiddel and Shin then share some stories that may or may not involve adult beverages, while Thurb discusses the enigma that is Dave Lang.

Music:  "Super Adventure Box: Main Theme" by Maclaine Diemer & Leif Chappelle

Featured Members: Thurbleton, Shinboy, & Squiddel

Run time: 01:09:18

  • Colin Johanson & Mike Zadorojny of ArenaNet did a really interesting interview with Eurogamer.
  • Fellow Lincoln Force member Blitz took some screenshots of Scarlet's hideout and decided to share on r/GuildWars2
  • Squiddel should buy a 3DS
  • Dave Lang
  • But Anet said the nightmare was over!
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