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May 1, 2017  

Just a quick check-in this week. After a DELUGE of great games in the 1st quarter, a whole lot of nothing has happened. Well, except for having some big back-logs to catch up on. Tune in for some light news discussion and a deep dive into Persona 5 - after the credits music there's also a great Thurbleton-addendum for those wanting to hear about Nier.

Music: "The Golden Show" & "Lost" by Shoji Meguro
Run Time: 1:41:47
Panel: No0b0rAmA, selfconfessedcynic & Thurbleton
- Minecraft is coming to the Nintendo Switch in May!
- This Is The Run is a fantastic series that anyone with a Giant Bomb premium membership should watch - and those who don't have one should consider subbing for.
- That youtube link to the behind-the-scenes look at the future of Steam may be found here:
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