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April 3, 2017  

Persona 5 comes out in a couple of hours! ...What? Oh right, we did a show this weekend and stuff. Tune in for a back-to-basics episode covering recent gaming news and what we've been playing. The 2nd half of the show is entirely dedicated to final thoughts on Mass Effect and continued thoughts on Zelda (we aren't done with it yet!).

Music: "The Golden Show" & "Lost" by Shoji Meguro
Run Time: 3:41:37
Panel: Squiddel, Thurbleton & selfconfessedcynic
- Half life fans should definitely watch the web series Freeman's Mind at the youtube channel Accursed Farms (link) Series 2 has begun!
- For Pokemon fans, Brandon Plays Pokemon on the Easy Allies channel is a great series (link)
- It sounds iffy, but Schiit Audio makes great audio equipment (e.g. headphone Amps/DACs). Give them a look if you're in the market (link).
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