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March 23, 2017  

Horizon Spoilercast starts at 1h24m. In other news, this week we have some, shall we say, differing viewpoints to share! Well, about Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Zelda anyway. Mass Effect on the other hand? We fall RIGHT in line on that one. Tune in for some fun discussion about the latest booms and busts in the video game world followed by that sweet post post apocalypse goodness!

Music: "The Golden Show" by Shoji Meguro and "Years of Training" by Joris de Man, The Flight and Niels Van der Leest
Run Time: 2:44:12
Panel: No0b0rAmA, Thurbleton & selfconfessedcynic
- Buy a Wii U! (...and use that to play Zelda and other good games rather than the Switch - then resell it to recoup the costs)
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