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February 20, 2017  

Its shaping up to be perhaps the most dense Q1 ever when it comes to constant, quality releases! Tune in this week for a recep of recent gaming news followed by discussion of Yakuza Zero and an in-depth breakdown of For Honor (not to mention that, man, we're in a rush to play them before Horizon and Zelda hit).

Music: "The Golden Show" & "Lost" by Shoji Meguro
Run Time: 3:03:29
Panel: Dourin & selfconfessedcynic
- For Honour streams on Twitch are worth watching (and Easy Allies is a great place for it - check out their For Honour tournament here: Link)
- Beast in the East: Yakuza 0 is a FANTASTIC series currently running on for premium members. Sign up if you haven't!
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