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March 7, 2017  

Gads, there are way too many good games coming out this quarter! Sadly, we just can't play them all - but we HAVE been playing two of them. Zelda and Horizon. Tune in for our extended impressions of both - and all jokes aside, they're both incredible. Plus, in the few minutes of the show not filled with wildlife and robots, we discuss what we think of that new Nintendo Switch thing!

Music: "The Golden Show" & "Lost" by Shoji Meguro
Run Time: 3:49:16
Panel: Dourin, Thurbleton & selfconfessedcynic
- Don't Buy Amiibos!
- Watch Logan.
- Nier Automata - if you like Platinum Games, please give it a chance!
- If you're interested in video game design, check out the awesome Youtube channel VideoBrains (link)
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