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February 7, 2017  

Wow, almost lost this episode due to hard drive issues, but it's here! (and just a little late) Recorded in late January, we talk about the year ahead in gaming - but not before going over what we'd been up to over the holidays. Off topic ends at 1h08m, then tune in for our bets on how all the big games of the year will review, and what will be huge - or a flop!

Music: "The Golden Show", "Lost" by Shoji Meguro & "Narumi Detective Agency" by ペルソナ5
Run Time: 3:41:48
Panel: No0b0rAmA, Thurbleton & selfconfessedcynic
- Star Wars: The Old Repubic is still great (and free).
- Wahl hair clippers are really solid for cutting your (or other people's) hair.
- VMix is a really cool looking piece of video production software that is totally affordable (turns out the GB crew know what they're doing).
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