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July 25, 2017  

A wild Nooborama joins us in a special Comic Con episode of the Scotchcast! (we don't talk about video games much at all - fair warning) Instead,  we dicuss a swathe of recent movie and TV show news, then after the show you can join us in reacting to some of the latest trailers! (it's an experimental one this week, folks)

Trailers discussed, timestamp for live reactions and links:
Justice League - 1:11:46 -
The Defenders - 1:15:33 -
Ready Player One - 1:19:19 -
Pacific Rim Uprising - 1:22:13 -
Death Note 1 - 1:23:51 -
Death Note 2 -
Bright - 1:29:37 -

Run Time: 1:33:06
Panel: No0b0rAmA & selfconfessedcynic
Main Theme: "Epilogue - The Transient Silence" by Toshiaki Ohtsubo and Alph-Lyla
- Baby Driver is apparently a great movie
- Layton's Mystery Journey is out on iOS, Android and 3DS! Check it out!
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